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Opinion: Catch the Wave In 2022 (and Don’t Let It Go)

(1/7) This thinking 👇 ⚠️ 2013 - You missed BTC ⚠️ 2014 - You missed DOGE ⚠️ 2015 - You missed XRP ... ✅ In 2022, don’t miss _____.

(2/7) ...appeals to the human tendency to fear what we're missing out on, to always think that there should be a shiny thing out there, shinier than what we already have.

(3/7) Well, while we most certainly could wish that we caught the wave of Bitcoin at 0.06 and then sell at 60k, missing out on opportunities like these happen most often than not.

(4/7) And even if you were an innovator or an early adapter, if you are always after the next shiny thing, you could be prematurely pulling out on something that could prove to have huge returns if you stuck with it long enough.

(5/7) Point is, focusing on catching the wave could rob the focus we should be putting on other important things like doing due diligence, adding value to the community and putting in the work consistently.

(6/7) Catching the waves is fun and exciting but sometimes, the real reward lies in doing the work consistently and sticking it out long enough - the not so fun stuff.

(7/7) There is value in catching the wave, just don't forget to put in the work to learn how to surf 🌊🏄‍♀️

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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