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Market Opening Reaction: Market Opening Bell, Market Opening Reaction, and News Of The Week

1. Trading Opening Bell:

✅ Market Opening Reaction ✅ DXY chart ✅ BTC chart ✅ News Outlook ✅ Conclusion ✅ Cryptocurrency News

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2. Market Opening Reaction

Appetite for risk taking slumped as trading got underway Monday, sending the DXY higher and cryptocurrencies lower after China affirmed its Covid-Zero policy stance.

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3. DXY chart

Price started trading higher with a gap created. Expecting price to fill the gap during the opening hours.

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4. BTC chart

Bitcoin and Altcoins started the week in the red due to the DXY opening strongly.

A possible Fakeout move maybe forming and now expecting price to go down and test the purple wedge support.

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5. News Outlook

A quite week with little news events happening! With only the US Elections, CPI and Consumer Sentiment.

Traders will relie more on TA this week than news events!

Full list found here:

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6. Conclusion

The jolt from China comes on top of headwinds from the Fed interest-rate hikes.

Expecting a slow start to the week and people to collect some profits from over the weekend.

Bitcoin going sideways back inside the wedge.

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7. Cryptocurrency News

🚀 47% of major UK banks do not support cryptocurrencies

🚀 SuperRare Launches New NFT Collector Pass RarePass

🚀 The US dollar index DXY opened 60 points higher, breaking through 111.0

8. Crypto News (cont)

🚀 24 million FTT transferred from unknown wallet to Binance

🚀 367,999 FTT transferred from unknown wallet to Binance

🚀 Binance To Sell 529 Million of Bankman-Fried’s FTT Token

9. Crypto News (cont)

🚀 Binance Moves to Liquidate Its Entire Position in FTX Tokens

🚀 Binance helped Iranian firms trade 8 billion despite sanctions

🚀 Meta is preparing to start mass layoffs this week

10. Crypto News (cont)

🚀 5,679.9 BTC has flowed into the exchange wallet in the past 24 hours

🚀 Solana will launch the Solana dApp Store alongside the launch of the mobile Saga

🚀 StarkEx-driven transactions accounted for 58% of all Ethereum Layer 2 tx in the past month

11. Crypto News (cont)

🚀 Number of BUSD sending addresses hits one-month high

🚀 Total ETH 2.0 Deposit Contract Value Hits All-Time High

🚀 USDC’s market share has fallen below the 4% mark

12. Have a great week and stay "classy" crypto traders!

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