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MacroMeme Technical Finds Bullish: “Wait and See”

A Macro-Meme Technical Thread of why I'm Nuetral but favored Bullish (until technicals suggest to be Bearish)

Bears got cocky last week, and then went MIA as we pumped across the board.

Many high time frame factors I'm considering.

Obviously Risk Management 1...



Pi Cycle Bottom 💚

Beam Bands 💚

(need to reclaim 200wma to be big heads up)

Hash Ribbons 💚

Ichimoku Weekly 💚

RSI Monthly Trend Breach with a Bull Div to counter the Top Bear Div💚

RSI Weekly Trend Breach with Bull Divs to counter the Top Bear Divs💚

Fixed Range Volume Profile - 2yrs worth - reclaimed POC. 💚

Trading Above Previous Structure 💚

Trading Above Swing Lows💚

Weekly P Candy, Held. Another formed above. 💚

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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