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Calatility, Panic and Euphoria: This Week in Crypto

Volatility is set to continue this week, as key events are bound to shake the market! Take a look at what's in store this week:

🗳️ 8 Nov: US MidtermElections

📈 10 Nov: US CPI Data

Let's dive in!🧵🪡

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🗳️ 8 Nov: US Midterm Elections

Control of the Senate & House of Representatives is up for grabs this week!

The results of these elections will significantly impact the crypto legislation in the US for the next two years so keep an eye on how the events develop.👁️👁️

2/ Follow @TheTradingTanks in-depth 'Weekly Outlook' for an extensive thread on the upcoming US Midterm Elections.⤵️

Trading Tank on Twitter

3/ 📈 10 Nov: US CPI

The CPI & Core CPI are key drivers influencing the FED interest rate decisions.

Sept CPI: 8.2% Oct CPI Expectations: 8%

Higher than expected CPI data would imply inflation is still on the rise, suggesting more aggressive measures on the horizon.🚨

4/ Here are some other key events to take into consideration when trading this week:

💱 8 Nov: China Inflation Data 🏦 11 Nov: US Bank Holiday (Banks Closed)

Also be mindful of the current rumours & events surrounding Binance and FTX. Read on to find out more on this topic.⤵️

5/ Due to ‘recent revelations’, CZ announced the liquidation of any FTT tokens remaining on Binance’s books following its exit from FTX equity last year.

CZ 🔶 Binance on Twitter

6/ The string of events commenced due to insolvency rumours regarding Sam Bankman-Fried’s trading firm Alameda Research following a leaked balance sheet.

Speculation over the FTT token led to price volatility amid the Twitter exchange between CZ & Alameda CEO, Caroline Ellison.

7/ Factors are still in the air and events are still unfolding, but in times like these it's best to remember this important quote:

‘’Not your keys, not your coins’’

Ensure the long-term safety of your crypto assets by hodling them in a hot/cold crypto wallet.💯

8/ A crazy week in crypto awaits us, so strap in for a wilde ride!🎢

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