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Why You Shouldn’t Losing Money When Trading Futures

Have you wonder, why you keep

Losing money when trading futures ? 🤨

Today I will show you why most people

blow up their accounts 🌋

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1- Trading is all about emotions

When most people trade, they

Experience a range of emotions

Anger 🤬, fear 😨, confusion 🤷‍♂️

Overconfidence 🤫

The best Traders, Trade with no

emotions. You have to trade like a robot. If you want to be profitable

in the long run 🏃‍♀️


2- Discipline, Discipline, Discipline 👨‍🏫 !!!

You have to follow your trading plan, be disciplined

by taking profit on time or cutting loss early

You live to trade another day

3- You don’t need a crystal ball

Being right about the direction of a trade just boost your ego

The most important thing is to have a trading system where you will have wins and loss

But a the end of the day you’re profitable

Casinos are always profitable, they don’t care if you win or lose

Because they have an edge and mathematically know that

When 100 persons walk in the casino only 5 people will leave with money

Because most people don’t have a

trading mind set they let their

emotions dictate their actions

That’s why all crypto exchange or trading platform are profitable

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4- Risk management

Always define your risk before taking a trade

Have a set amount of risk no matter how many trades you’re taking

5- There is no magical Indicator

You have to find your own edge,

but remember that’s just an edge,

you won’t be always right

You can use technical analysis or

market analysis, order book or anything else

It’s up to you to find what works for

you but there are many good

traders, who never look at a chart but made millions

This are just tools for your edge

and not magical indicators

To end it here remember :

1-Trade with no emotions

2-Be disciplined

3-You don’t need to know the future to make money

4-Risk management

5-no magical indicator

6- Now take action if you want to change your life trading

Follow this tips and practice your

trading psychology.

This is the first thread in a series of educational trading tips 👨‍🏫

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