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Secret Crypto Screwups: Top Crypto Screw-ups

👀 This week's 1+1+1 Points of Guidance are about a fun topic with a teachable component: top crypto screw-ups (that you don't want to repeat):

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1️⃣ Beware mysterious token/NFT drops: So many crypto users see a strange token/NFT in their wallet and follow a link in it to... a phishing site ready to take all of their real tokens/NFTs away

1️⃣ Throwing hard drives away: IT engineer, James Howells, lost 7,500 BTC that way and even hired excavators to dig it up out of landfill (but was blocked by the Township)

1️⃣ Giving your seeds away: No matter how much MetaMask and others say DON'T TELL ANYONE YOUR SEED PHRASE, people still do and then are shocked after their wallets are empty. Write it down on 3 different papers and hide in 3 different places where even your mom won't find it

With crypto security, greed and laziness are our worst enemy. Check every link. Trust no one. Always go to the bookmarked site you trust rather than a link.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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