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Bitcoin DCA Strategy: Let’s Get It Started

DCA, heard it before? Someone likely recommended you should use this strategy.

So what is it? And why is Brokkr launching its automated BTC version on @avalancheavax 🔺

Let's look deeper into it 🧵

Everyone wants to buy an asset as cheaply as possible and sell it at the highest price.

But timing the perfect bottom and top is nearly impossible 🤷‍♀️

That’s the genius of DCA strategy. That's why it is so popular. No timing is needed.

The core of the strategy is to invest in regular intervals with a set amount of money.

The asset can go up or down but you're not trying to perfectly time the market. You believe in the asset long term.

And over time, you get the average of all entries.

Each week 100. Monthly 250. Whatever fits your style.

What if there is a better price next week?

You didn’t go all in at once, so you can enter again ☝️

What if the price increases next week?

You already bought a bit and benefited from the price increase. With another entry, you're happy if the price increases again, or you average your buys if it decreases.

But it's tedious, manual, and centralized.. NOT ANYMORE!

= Brokkr Autofarmed Bitcoin DCA strategy Deposit USDC and let the strategy automatically buy and farm BTC on @Platypusdefi

And more coins are coming!

Check the full roadmap for Q4 👇

Autofarmed">@brokkrfinanceautofarmedbitcoindcadeltaneutralstrategiescomingtobrokkr164c34937ab9Autofarmed Bitcoin DCA & Delta Neutral Strategies Coming To Brokkr
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