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Price Analysis: $BTC To Nears $1800?

Moonvember Or Nukevemeber??

What is BTC next move?

What you should expect this week?

Technically and Fundamentally.

A Thread📊

BTC respected a major demand level at 17k causing a range for over 4months. It formed an equal low (tendency for price to go lower after break of that level) . Impulsive move to the upside causing take outs of minor highs.

Tapped into a FVG. Might retest to take out liquidity area at 18000. Also currently about to retest another demand level

at 20300. Price respecting that level might take proce above 22k

DXY about to take a down move, respect supply about to take out liquidity.

This move is definitely going to push BTC proce higher.

Congressional elections in the US tomorrow.

We expect Volatility this week but take note, CPI and interest rates possible gonna doing numbers in terms of increase. Investors looking out for Republicans to take over the polls.

DXY looking bearish for me.. Take note of the levels. Price moves by with levels, marked out all on the charts. Let's see how it goes from tomorrow.

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