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Bitcoin Like A Sloppy Joe’s Song

It’s inevitable… 📦 … 🫰💨💨💨 Haha 🤔 hmm 💭 😬Yea BTC

lil by lil as I expand Thee 📦 😂 -pause-

For those who missed the correlation Bitcoin Like a Sloppy Joe. Who thought of that lol 😂 Shouldn’t it be used on Noodles or Tacos 🌮. Maybe Tomorrow. Get Set

@hasan_canlar Possibly Higher. Giving realistic expectations for now. That’ll be roughly around September 13 High. Once it gets into this Golden Zone, it’ll take off or drop. I’m leaning towards taking off from that point.

@hasan_canlar Back in the 📦 again 🤷🏻‍♂️ lol ok

@hasan_canlar Let me stretch this out and see where point of impact will be … ahh ok lol

@hasan_canlar Ok… lol

@hasan_canlar Here we go again 🤷🏻‍♂️

@hasan_canlar Another botched move coming lol

@hasan_canlar Not ruling out that anything can happen. I’m trying to pay attention to the set up

@hasan_canlar This set up is not an easy one at all

@hasan_canlar When ever the Dixie changes colors on a candle it makes me suspicious 🤨

@hasan_canlar This is why I drew a 📦 not 100% on it until a full engulfing break

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