Bobby 3 minutes reading from Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Holds Above $2,900

btc in this one rn

btc let's see if this 8.92R trade plays out

Kinda iffy on this one but still I'll keep moving my SL below so I don't loose money

Also the pa is really slow but hey... Taking little amount of loss by moving stops down and trying to get max profit is the aim and I m doing good on that

btc WSSUPPPP.... keep going down...

i already made 2.5R

some people doubt me if you do... read the thread and check the time

btc tp1 hit took and that purple line if my sl (in profit so i dont loose money) also i m actually looking for the price to reach for 20350 area (look at the chart for that) but i will tp 95% at 20380

btc do you see how the first tp area is acting as a Support

there is a reason it was my 1st 30% TP AREA

btc LOOK 👀

btc 4.23R Trade

SL (puprle line) got hit stopped out in profit See the area bitcoin bounced from had that marked on my chart since the 1st tweet of this thread i took 30% profit n took more 25% profit once it did a msb after touching that area

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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