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$Dogecoin, or “ETH, Ought To Be Spent,” Says Dogecoin

Kind of a good thing doge had a decent rally before all this. Unlike btc, hasn't even got to the .618 yet.

@Nagi2Galal I don't like using terms like 'undervalued', but I suppose here it probably is appropriate because the market treats doge in a way, that reflects idle speculation rather than it's promise.

@bageldoge1 Ironically, somehow FTT is holding on atm.

@Martyj_999 @Dogecoin_Wins @Nagi2Galal btc, ltc, and doge are all UTXO. So if you code one in, the others are easier to add. The other obvious choice is eth.

@Martyj_999 @Dogecoin_Wins @Nagi2Galal Really, in terms of what people actually spend it's: btc, ltc, doge and stablecoins, primarily usdc, usdt.

btc isn't spent as often per marketcap, but they are so big, they rank.

eth gets spent some, but actually probably not worth including.

@Martyj_999 @Dogecoin_Wins @Nagi2Galal Anything else is small biscuits for driving purchases. So honestly really not needed.

BUT because you are doing UTXO anyway, you could probably throw in bch at almost no dev expense.

@Martyj_999 @Dogecoin_Wins @Nagi2Galal And because you are doing stables, you might as well also do eth. Unless you wanted to go with a layer 2, like arbitrum or matic.

@Martyj_999 @Dogecoin_Wins @Nagi2Galal WHICH actually might be a good plan, given base layer transactions on Ethereum are expensive.

Really don't know which layer 2 is 'best' there as they are all fairly centralized.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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