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Altrader.com – Shorting BTC and COIN

I bought BTC today, I continue to add under my average of 19,900. Eventually it will come back up and I will average up, till then I’m stacking as much as possible. Also, part of my strategy is going long COIN and MARA. In the pst I have been shorting these stocks, here is….

why I feel the risk/reward profile has changed. Lots of people will ask why not just buy more BTC instead of COIN, and MARA. COIN and MARA are trades, unlike BTC which is a long term hold. Stocks make better trades than BTC because I don’t self custody the stocks like BTC.

Most exchanges also have a 25,000 daily cash limit. Stocks have no such limit, which means when the time comes the stocks will make easier and better trades than BTC alone. While it’s possible COIN could go back to 40 and MARA to 5, they appear to have support at 50 and 10..

My strategy is to average in at around these levels and plan to hold till the next BTC halfing pump around 2025. I think both MARA and COIN could easily go 10x : MARA to 100 and COIN to 500. Maybe as 2025 approaches I might pick up some calls to add leverage. At these levels I

Don’t see much reward to be had by going short, in fact I think the risk is to the upside, and I’m not opposed to selling should I get decent gains before 2025.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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