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Cryptomarkets, US Congressional Elections, and Ukraine Elections: A Primer to Watch

1. Todays Trading Update πŸš€

βœ… US Congressional Elections βœ… DXY chart βœ… BTC chart βœ… Money Flow βœ… Conclusion βœ… Cryptocurrency News

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2. US Congressional Elections

If Republicans, who have been leading in polls win control of either the House of Representatives, the Senate, or both, it will result in a split government.

Average annual S&P 500 returns have been 14% in a split Congress, S&P down 20% this year.

3. DXY chart

Keep an eye on price as it maybe forming a failed low (FL) in the blue area. If this happens would be expecting a breakout to the upside.

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4. BTC chart

βœ… Price prediction:

Bears is control of price. Bitcoin needs to form a candle close below the black line at the end of the week to confirm a weekly fakeout move!

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5. Money Flow


BTC to stable 6.8B ETH to stable 4.8B BNB to stable 477.5M FTX to stable 477.1M

Rest too small to mention.

Nearly 20K Bitcoins moved to Binance from FTX over 48 hours.

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6. Conclusion

"The end of bitcoin" hasn't been mentioned in the news for this bear market yet. Was what some whales mentioned to me over the weekend.

The Cryptomarket went down due to many retail traders getting too bullish.

Bitcoin down -4.8% DXY up 0.2% hint hint.

7. Crypto News

πŸš€ Algorithmic Stablecoin MIM price has recovered to 0.9911

πŸš€ Sepana raises 10M led by Hack VC and Pitango First

πŸš€ Blue Snap is partnering with Bit Pay to offer cryptocurrency payments to its customers

8. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ 2022 has seen Metaverse 5,000 trademarks and NFT-related 7,000 trademarks

πŸš€ HyperPay launches pGALA and supports pGALA to recharge HyperCard

πŸš€ Countries that do not follow crypto anti-money laundering guidelines will be on the FATF grey list

9. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ Luxury watch brand Jacob & Co releases a Metaverse-themed watch

πŸš€ KodyPay closes 5 million financing

πŸš€ HUAWEI CLOUD and Singapores IMDA launch the Web3 incubator program Spark

10. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ The last 5 months saw Polygon network increased by 42.86 million

πŸš€ The total assets of 643 addresses on the Alameda Ethereum are about 150 million

πŸš€ Job Protocol completes 1.5 million financing at a 7.5 million valuation, led by Tioga Capital

11. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ Bitcoin Miner Iris Energy Faces Default Claim on 103M Equipment Loan

πŸš€ The number of transfers on the Avalanche chain exceeds 400 million

πŸš€ FriesDAO attackers converted 2.37 million in stolen funds into ETH

12. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ FTX Token Plummets as Market Fears Possible Alameda Contagion

πŸš€ 344 Million Liquidated as Bitcoin and Ethereum drop

πŸš€ U.S. unmasks hacker who stole 50,000 bitcoins from Silk Road

13. Have a great day and stay "classy" crypto traders!

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