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Get Ready for the Next Blast!

My advice/crypto plan for the next 2 months (Nov/Sept) 👇👇 (NFA)

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🧵A mini thread

If you're still holding alts or BTC. Wait for the likely bounce as what I tweeted. This will be your last exit opportunity.

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Stake/Farm your USDT on trusted DeFi projects and CEXes like Binance, OKX and wait for good entries after the upcoming dump.

Do airdrops/retroactives.

Last noticeable airdrop was from @Aptos_Network 20M APTOS were airdropped to Testnet users, which are worth 150M USDT at the current price.

Focus on MATIC and @0xPolygon

@Meta is on Polygon @Reddit is on Polygon @Flipkart is on Polygon @jpmorgan is on Polygon @stripe is on Polygon @Mastercard is on Polygon What will be its next partners?

In terms of blockchain technology, ZK Rollups

Optimistic Rollups


Hybrid scaling solutions

Stand-alone & enterprise chains

All of those solutions for ETH are supported by MATIC!

Lastly, Spend more time for your work, Christmas, and New Year. In crypto, timing is all that matters. ⏲️ Leave 1 Like + RT if you find this helpful.♥️

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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