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Bitcoin Futures & Spot ETFs

(1/5) In today's article, we cover on the latest lawsuit @Grayscale issued against the @SECGov

It’s been roughly a year since the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the first Bitcoin Futures ETF, the initial step to getting a Bitcoin Spot ETF in the USA. BTC

(2/5) Despite being the most developed financial market in the world, the US has continued to reject all applications for Bitcoin Spot ETFs. The SEC has been a critical bottleneck in advancing the US financial infrastructure surrounding the Bitcoin ecosystem.

(3/5) At the same time, the Federal Reserve is researching its own central bank digital currency (CBDC). With Bitcoin Spot ETF applications being developed and submitted on one hand and a CBDC being researched on the other, a clear conflict of interest emerges.

(4/5) In this analysis, we intend to explore and understand both Futures and Spot ETFs by diving into their risks and differences. We will consider if the creation of a US CBDC may be impacting the SEC’s decisions in approving or rejecting Bitcoin Spot ETF applications.

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Asic Jungle - Grayscale vs SEC: Is the Government’s Goliath protecting CBDCs? | Asic Magazine
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