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Daily Bitcoin Price Update: BTC, ETH, HODL, Bank of Korea, and More

Daily Market Update 11/8: BTC is currently trading around 20.1k and ETH around 1.5k

US midterm elections are in focus today as the polls close this evening. @FiveThirtyEight model indicates a Republican sweep is the most likely outcome (~57%), but a split congress w/ Democrats controlling the Senate (~27%) & Democrat sweep (~15%) are both still on the table

Moments ago, @SBF_FTX & @cz_binance both took to Twitter to announce that @binance has signed a non-binding LOI, intending to fully acquire

Buy and Sell Crypto on FTX: Bitcoin, Ethereum and more

.@USDOJ_Intl seized more than 50k BTC stolen from the Silk Road in 2012 - 2nd largest crypto seizure in history; @tradeparadigm launched its Crypto Policy Council; Bank of Korea completed a 10-month long experiment on CBDCs; @Gemini expanded to five more European countries

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Daily Market Update: Nov 8, 2022 - GSR Markets
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