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Core Web: A New Command Centre System

@avalabsofficial recently released Core Web, an all-in-one command center for Avalanche, BTC and EVM-based chains. Core Web is complimentary to the Core Browser extension.

@coreapp review thread

Ava Labs has a very ambitious goal for Core to be the go-to Web3 Command Centre system and the Core Web release, brings them one step closer to realizing that vision.

Serving as a Digital Wallet and Portfolio Tracking platform, helping to extend the capabilities of user experience beyond just owning a ‘Wallet’.

Here’s what you can do with it 1. Portfolio (1/3) Tokens This is where you can see all your assets on Avalanche, Subnets and various EVM-based chains. In this Beta version, you can see assets in your wallet but I hope they add DeFi protocol support in the future.

Portfolio (2/3) Collectibles

View your AVAX digital collectibles in one place using the collectibles tab, including metadata and images. You can also conveniently send NFTs to different Wallets.

• Look at how bussin this peon look

Portfolio (3/3) Activity

View all of your Wallet transaction history in the Activity tab. Data shown includes transaction specifics, amount, asset type, and a link to Snowtrace explorer.

Tools Page: This is where you can see all the useful tools to navigate the Avalanche ecosystem. From accessing Command Center directly to viewing network statistics.


Command center is the place where you’d be the most familiar if you already using Core Browser extension as Web3 wallet.

On this section you can

• send/receive any ERC-20 tokens and Collectibles.

Bridge assets from ETH and BTC to Avalanche for lucrative yield farming opportunities

You also get AVAX airdrop for gas if you bridged more than 75

Swap one token to another with your trades routed via @paraswap

On-ramp fiat to buy AVAX using @moonpay

This put Core on top of what others have to offer since users can do almost everything they needed on Web3 in one place with the sub-second speed of Avalanche.

The ecosystem Page is where you will discover the best dApps that Avalanche has to offer, all in one place such as @traderjoe_xyz and @joepegsnft

Explorer: This will take you to Avalanche subnets explorer (

where you can see all the transactions happening in real-time

Blockchain explorer for Avalanche Subnets

Core Command Centre is currently in beta and the team are working on rolling out more features and further enhancing the user experience.

Give it a try today

Core Web: A Better Way to Connect to Web3

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