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Crypto Markets Plummets on FTX insolvency news

Crypto markets absolutely PLUMMETING on the FTX insolvency news, as markets fear it's a LUNA style contagion.

XRP at 0.37 BTC at 17,644

I don't know where we find a bottom, but I'll be buying on the way down as people are panic selling.

NOT financial advice.

DAMNIT! Coinbase is down.

Of course they are.

Why was I expecting anything else...

Okay Coinbase is back up... just bought FIL at 4.55. Yesterday I bought it at 5.73 so feeling great about this!

Just bought HBAR on Binance US at 0.05. I know I said I was seriously done buying it, but caveat was I'll buy if we get a big dip. This is a big enough dip.

Just bought ALGO at 0.34. Missed the 0.29 low but that's okay.

I know market it already moving back up but maybe I'll get lucky and we'll dip lower.

I can see why he deleted this tweet.

10 minutes after he posted this, the market started tanking and BTC hit a new low less than 3 hours later 😂

Oh man. What a day.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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