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Breaking: $btc Takes 40% Off This Trade Due To Volatility

btc in this trade rn..

if this trade plays out this will be a 💵12R TRADE💵 and yes i do use trendlines sometimes in my TA 👀 but i did not execute the trade based on the trend line💯

btc going good

btc ooh yeaaa zaddyyyy u r making me huuurnnyyy Already made 3.33R

also i m using small amount to trade because of the volatile nature of the market today i will be taking profits and moving SL to not take any damage today

tp1 hit took 40% off the trade and moved the SL to profit

btc this is already a 💵4.45R TRADE💵

according to me the price is looking for higher liq cause we took the liq of 17k which i had marked on my charts for weeks

so my bias is bullish

BUT cause of volatility

using small amount and will tp aggressively

btc this is officially a 💯6R TRADE💯 👀READ THIS THREAD

you will see this trade from start

and how i took it

btc took 60% off this trade due to volatile market

And SL moved in profit look at my charts the purple line is the SL

And this was a great trade 6R DONE ✅ already now waiting for more

My bias is bullish 🐂🎯 for now

btc keeping my eyes on it 👀

btc got stopped out but this was a

💯6.21R TRADE💯 also this is not fake read this thread and match the time if you want to 💵yesterday i did ✅10.88R✅ and

💯11.02R💯 and now i did a

😍6.21R TRADE😍 you can see my profile and read the threads i dont lie

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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