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The Top Half of BTc Expects a Bear Market in Three Years

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The sad truth, on the basis of the LGC, and for those that had too great an expectation, is that the top half of the previous parabolic run may have front-run 3 years of more sustainable gains.

"Here the disappointed or disillusioned ‘bull’ may suddenly flip to seeing a bear market, where that submerged and lurking fear, long repressed by a laser-like/ singular focus on bullish fundamentals, will rise to the surface with a vengeance."

Bear Market, or Correction?

@crypneto "One could indeed say you have a series of something that looks like mini-bubbles, but then not bubbles in so far as each episode in the series heavily corrects, where the previous ‘bubble’ is effectively ‘popped’. It is quite something else in the aggregate.

@crypneto Where the speculative excess culminates in a series of punctuated peaks, the corrections serve to provide a baseline of sorts, with this baseline representing a logarithmic growth curve [something that begins with explosive growth but that plateaus over time]."

On the positive side, timewise over half-way to that mean of price [on the basis of the LGC].

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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