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Bitcoin Price Rally Starts With Polonie Pullback

Fundamental Drivers aligned with Technicals combine for the perfect storm of events.

- November 8th Lunar Eclipse (last lunar eclipse capitulated markets May 15 and we had the Luna crypto crash. - Mid Term Elections (past 2 mid term elections market bottom within weeks) btc

Bitcoin again hit into value area. Letting the dust settle and see what contagion effects play may be wise. If you lost money or shook take a few days off may help.

Remember Thursday is CPI data coming in. We knew this week would be crazy, but this was all nuts.

FTT the exchange token had a measured move breakdown to its technical level similar to the 2018 BTC Bear Market capitulation. FTT ponzi PVP selloff between @cz_binance and @SBF_FTX couldn't be more aligned.

BTC 2018 Breakdown after a year consolidation broke to downside.

Whether you are buying here or waiting for the dust settle is choice we all have to make. If the worst is over or more blood to spill we shall know shortly. ftt btc

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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