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The End Is Nearing: What Happens After the Storm?

Many are waking up to fear.

Many more are waking up to battle demons that we can't even imagine today.

Many are waking up to only find out that BTC is at 17k, ETH is at 1k, SOL is at 15, and FTT is at 4.

Many funds are stuck.

And many more are shaking.

Is this the end?

The end is nearer than we think.

Each day we are getting one step closer to the end.

But where is the end?

How would it end?

Most importantly, when will it end?

Many CTs would pretend to know.

Many CTs would pretend they have a crystal ball.

But they don't.

You may rightfully ask, 'how would you know the end is coming'.

I don't know.

I won't fool you by saying that I know it all.

But if there is anything that I know, all I know is that the end is eventually coming.

The key word here is eventually.


Eventually, the end will come.

Eventually, the market will bottom.

Eventually, no one will be selling anymore.

Eventually, no one will be liquidated anymore.

Eventually, the storm will stop.

Eventually, the sun will shine.

Eventually, the bull shall return.

But the question is... could you wait.

Even if you know that eventually everything will come to an end, will you be strong enough to go through this storm?

Will you have enough strength?

Will you have enough patience?

Will you have enough grace to pull it through?

I don't have an answer to this, but I have warned.

I have warned that just because you can swim, you may not necessarily survive the storm.

But if you can survive this storm, you will eventually see the sun.

If you can survive this winter, you will smell the spring.

If you could survive BTC at its worst, you will eventually have the opportunity to see its next ATH.

But the choice is yours.

It is not easy.

I won't even pretend to say it is easy.

In fact, it is probably the worst pain that we need to endure.

So, are you in?

Your choice.

There is no shame in quitting.

There is no shame in throwing in the towel.

There is no shame in leaving.

Everyone is built differently.

Everyone has different needs.

You should be your best coach, and you should decide what is right, because you are the only you.


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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