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Bitcoin Price Update: $BTC, CHE, NX, ETC, DECEMBER

BTC, Crypto ENTIRE MARKET UPDATE: - I will be covering EVERYTHING you need to know in order to be profitable trading Crypto in the next few months. - This is vital alpha, so like and retweet and let's get this around to everyone. Make sure you read through everything. 🤑


SOLANA SOL: In about 18hrs 50,000,000 SOL (= 833,000,000) will hit the markets after epoch 370. This means people will be getting out tomorrow, so everyone needs to be very careful.

I am looking at those 2 zones for a possible reaction, 4 SOL is mental. 👍


INFLATION RATE DATA: Data comes out TOMORROW, and this seems to be hidden from CT. Normally you see everyone talking about it and becoming experts but this time, nothing.

< 8.0 = small pump = 8.0 = not much imo > 8.0 = bloodbath

Could be the catalyst for a < 16K BTC. 👍


DXY (US DOLLAR INDEX): It is playing out EXACTLY like I thought, we got that retest and now we should have a small push up going into inflation rate numbers tomorrow.

Another Negative for the cryptomarket, which is another factor forcing BTC to lower levels, imo. 👍


US10Y (10YR TREASURY YIELDS): Treasury Yields seem to be staying strong, and it is still holding trend, however at some key resistance right now. 👍

If we make a HH (4.34%), will be another negative for the Crypto market. 👍


FTT UPDATE: imo, FTX won't go to 0 like LUNA did. They are completely different technologies and people need to understand that. I feel like a real short-squeeze may come before we go any lower, as there are A LOT of SHORTs right now.

Don't trade it, volatility is mad 👍


WALL STREET CHEAT SHEET: imo, we are between ANGER and DEPRESSION. This capitulation has flushed so many traders out, and CT seems dead. 💀

Remember, the reversal has to come one day, maintain capital and wait. Survivors now, will be ON TOP when the reversal comes. 👍



BTC has printed a LL, and broken that 17,650 support. It we don't hold 16.6K, there is no support until 14K. 👍

There might be a HUGE capitulation candle which takes us to a 14K BTC, but imo it will get bought right back up and will make a long wick. 👍



Relative to the rest ETH has held well, however if BTC goes to 14K, ETH will head to 700 - 800 imo. 👍

Negative inflation numbers tomorrow will hit ETH more than BTC imo, just because investors are still in ETH, and may sell-off after the news. 👍


STOCK MARKETS: Stock markets have been rallying, leading up to mid-term elections however Crypto hasn't followed it.

Negative inflation numbers tomorrow, and I see a pullback from the stock markets and BTC will follow which could lead to a proper bloodbath, cryptocrash


SUMMARY 1: If you can, just watch out the next few weeks and maintain your capital. These times are all about educating yourself and deciding which projects you trust. ‼

Maintain your capital, don't FOMO into FTT dumps, and get rekt in the cryptocrash. 👍


SUMMARY 2: Trust it gets better and everyone who survives these depressive times will come out ONTOP. Educate yourself in the meantime. 👍

Regardless of how the markets move, we will be making money. So follow @OnTopTrades with notifs on, so you don't miss any 200%+ plays.


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