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We’re Just Around the Next Bitcoin Halving: What Happened Just 18 Months Away from the Big Halving

Plenty of doom posting, so… how about some positive takes?

Good news is we’ve already made it exactly 12 months since BTC ATH of 68,990— if you’re still here, you’re a 12-month survivor of the ride down


And we’re now *less than 18 months* from the next Bitcoin halving, predicted to occur on April 29, 2024

To quote @franck_1698 “Bitcoin cycle lows have been 48 months after the previous one and 12 to 14 months after the cycle top”

This would put us within the range of typical low point timing right about… now (and it sure feels like a “low point” regardless of prices, right?)

If you’ve held this long, there’s not much point in capitulating now

Trading volume has been massive, which as Franck points out, is usually a sign of the paper hands selling to the long term investors who know this is near bottom

When I tune out asset prices (I know, no simple task), I recall several points this past few weeks where I never felt more bullish on actual adoption of blockchain & NFT tech

Perfect storm on market conditions, yet slow n steady growth on the tech beneath it all … while yes the current valuation of my bags doesn’t look great, I’m not phased

Time is relative. 18 months ago was March 9, 2021. I bet you have memories of that time that seem like yesterday. So why can’t it be the same when looking forward?

The key is slow & steady wins the race— sure we could all give up and walk away now, but what if we choose to stick to our core convictions on why we’re here in the first place?

Then look up and in 18 months we’re at the next halving, and things are looking great again 🔮

I’m not tone deaf. I know this is a really tough time for many of us. I’m just trying to remind us that there’s a lot, at core, we can still be bullish about

And when I see the talent and wit of the people in our “algorithm circles” I’m even more bullish— on you. Thanks for being here and making my life much more interesting! ♥️✌️

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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