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Market Update: The Actual Price of BTC is Continuing to Decline

🚨 In the midst of the FTXCRASH we bring you a unique market conditions alert from GNY

Our 30-day Historical Prediction chart for BTC

highlights where our MachineLearning model previously indicated profitable Crypto trades

And it appears to be doing so again...


The relationship between the actual Bitcoin

price and our data-driven forecast can be used to recognize leading-edge trading opportunities

For example the 21st & 24th of Oct marked 2 unique buy signals for BTC value as highlighted by GNY's MachineLearning model


The actual price dipping below our 21st & 24th of Oct forecasts indicated a distortion in expected BTC


✅Useful signals

Long trades at either of these points presented easy entry points with a profit margin extending into the following days price movement


Today in light of the FTX situation we again see the actual BTC

price dipping below our forecasts.

Do you see it?

GNY's MachineLearning model is alerting to a possible profitable Crypto Trading opportunity!

Will you act on it?


For more alerts like this visit

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