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What is a Satoshi?

đź‘€What is a Satoshi?

BTC went from 10K to 60K and quickly minted a new millionaire class. The Saylorites. Now that you’re rich and walk the walk let’s talk the talk. I know you didn’t ask but let’s briefly look at what a Satoshi is!

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Journey to your first Bitcoin. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor because that bull run made two things clear: People believe in Bitcoin. People are willing to trade their fiat for it Now that things are less insane at ~18K let’s look at what a Satoshi actually is…

The Satoshi

1 Satoshi, or Sat = 0.00000001 Bitcoin Just like 100 Cents = 1 Dollar or 10 Jiao = 1 Yuan But what is this denomination called the Satoshi and what does it do?

The Satoshi in Action!

Satoshis are used, among other things, to: Pay fees for transactions Pay miner coinbased transaction rewards â‚ż Scale the Bitcoin network with LightningNetwork.

These are nice, but it's always good to have a whole Bitcoin. But where and how do you start "Stacking SATs"?

Read on to learn how👇

What is AscendEX SAT Rewards and Bitcoin Mining? - AscendEX

@_AscendEX New User Program

You can earn Satoshis for simply using the AscendEX platform. If dollar cost averaging isn’t your thing, allow the exchange to do it for you while you do your everyday degen things!

🚀Start Stacking SATs by signing up and getting active

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