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Opinion: The NEXT War I Want to Win

1/4 Here's the punchline of my thesis:

The physically constrained state space of cyberspace created by the BTC mechanism would be the ideal battleground for physically resolving strategic-level disputes b/w nuclear-stalemated peers.

2/4) Bitcoin therefore represents Mutually Assured Preservation, a new Schelling point following Mutually Assured Destruction -- a way to physically compete in "softwars" b/w & against nuclear superpowers that can deliver strategic victories in a zero-trust & egalitarian way

3/4) The 1st nation to do this was El Salvador, which means people like @maxkeiser who were involved w/volcano bonds & volcano hash forces could become known as Napoleonic-level military masterminds who figured out how to use this state space to countervail a nuclear superpower

4/4) This also means that when Russia enters the state space to countervail US, and then when China inevitably figures this out & flips back to being pro-Bitcoin again, World War 3 might be a hash war fought primarily in this new state space of cyberspace. And US is oblivious 😒

This is the single most important issue of my military career, I feel. And I feel so incredibly alone and not taken seriously by anyone i need to convince to get US to see what's happening right in front of our eyes

and the policy solution is so simple. just buy bitcoin and be as supportive of possible of bitcoin. stop letting DoT and bankers run the show, b/c they have no idea how unqualified they are to be leading these policy discussions about the strategic security implications of this

@OwenKemeys I'm a national defense fellow & engineering nerd. DoD pays me to figure out how to position US to win the NEXT war b4 it happens. This is the NEXT war IMO. I see it as clear as day, & I feel like I know exactly what we need to do. I just need national leadership to listen to me

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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