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Support at $15K and Below $10K: The Last 2 Charts

With the support at around 17K not holding, we have a very weak support at 15.5K, THEN the next 2 supports look like approx 12K and STRONG support at 10K.

Which is about what my chart from June 2022 actually predicted... I hope that the 15.5K holds though. 1D BTC chart

the 1 week chart seems to show supports around 16K, then ~12K and ~10K...

The 1M chart looks to provide a little support at 14K, but nothing at 15K, but backs up the supports at ~12K and ~10K

Just for fun, the shortest chart I like to look at is the 4H chart.

The ~15.5K support reappears, ~14K is still there, but weak (IMO), ~12K and ~10K are both present and very strong.

After reviewing the different charts, I would say that ~12K and ~10K are going to be our best chances for support...

These are just based charting cycles and history of trading and is no way a prediction of what will happen. Trade wisely or, better yet, DCA and HODL!

@banmeharderddy Here is where I looked at the 1M chart. If I was to go more precise, I see 13.8K, 11.8 and right at 10K.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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