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Don't Marry your Shitcoins, Don’t Get Brainwashed

Always remember every cycle there are narratives which are put in place to keep you complacent from selling or cashing out and when too many people have too much money the masses get rinsed. Let me explain nft btc

The early cycles didnt rely on margin or derivatives so spot drove the market with a finite supply. The introduction to futures and synthetic products opens the door to unlimited supply and speculation. Bigger bubbles. All crypto goes through fast boom bust cycles.

There is no reason to bag hold coins or tokens from cycle to cycle . Staking and Rewards especially on tokens don't secure network this is just a gimic to get ppl not to sell and lock up coins. Eventually Bitcoin will have the tech to support defi and smart contracts

so your safest holding will always be bitcoin if you must hold crypto. There is always exchange hacks which are known by many to be orchestrated by same groups some connected influencers you know. Projects go bust or exchanges fail every cycle and many ppl just lose out.

If you are gonna be in this space, sure build your brand, build your protocols and projects but at the end of it all - Everything resets and what you really are participating is in experimentation phase of the future of money, payments, and a digital world.

We are speculating and placing bets during this technology phase of blockchain, crypto, web3, defi, whatever your buzzword flavor is and as time progresses we bring in new participants from different areas and sector that create their own environments and spaces in the ecosystem.

Don't Marry your shitcoins, don't get brainwashed on shitcoin tech talk. The drivers of speculation on how much money you can make are the same drivers that will make you become a cult member or bagholder btc

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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