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Testing 100X Testnet Airdropped For Testing Next Week

A thread on 100X Testnet Airdrop confirmed

Sisu network is an ambitious blockchain project to solve cross chain communications. Sisu is building critical interoperability infrastructure for a cross-chain future like distributed key signing,

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They also supports private transactions, and is developing an API Hub. Their testnet was launched in June and is still available,so we can still milk I wasn't so active then but I'm not so give me a follow as I will drop even more current testnet

Testnet Step 1: (For testing, we will use the Meta Mask wallet

Go to website

Click sign up

Fill in the data, go through the captcha and click Sign Up

After registration, you will receive an email, follow the link from the email to confirm registration

Sisu Network

Clicking on the link will open a page where you need to log in, enter the email and password that you specified during registration

Step 2: Go to the Chainlist website on chrome and connect with the MetaMask wallet by clicking Connect Wallet

Switch the slider to Testnet mode

Don't get tired already,we still have a long way to go ,if you are already gaining value click follow as soon as possible

We are looking for the Avalanche Fuji Testnet network in the search engine and click Add to Metamask

We confirm the added networks in the wallet

If it dont work like that we go to chrome and search for Avalanche fuji testnet and manually add on metamask

Step 3 (We receive test tokens in the Avalanche Fuji Testnet network)

To do this, go to the

Insert the address of your wallet and click Request

Avalanche Faucet

Step 4 Go to the website

Insert the address of your wallet, select the Avalanche Testnet network and select Tiger , go through the captcha and click Request to get TIGER


Step 5 Click follow if u re gaining value Go to site

Connect with the Metamask wallet by clicking on Connect Or go to metamask browser and paste the link

Select the TIGER tokens and enter 20 to send

Next,select Avalanche Testnet and BSC Tesnet networks

KO Exchange

Click Give Permission

After completing the transaction, click Swap and confirm the transaction in the wallet

After the notification appears that the transaction has been completed,click on it In the tab that opens, copy the link to the transaction in the address bar and save it

Go to website

Scroll down the page and click the Submit button

In the Category section in the list, select Swapping tokens cross chain In the Transaction link field, insert a link to the transaction that we saved earlier and click Submit

Sisu Network

After a while, you will be awarded 5 points. By entering your username in the search engine, you can see your rating, as well as the number of points. You are awarded 5 points for each transaction

If you reach this side congrats🎉🎉🎉

Always repeat to earn more points...

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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