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The Best Play for 99% of Crypto Buyers is DCA – DCA Still the Best Buy

The best play for 99% of crypto participants (myself included) is to stay out of the market and to just chill for a bit. DCA is still the best play for most investors IMO. Which levels? Probably 16k/14k/12k for BTC and 1000/800/500 for ETH.

I personally am not going to go shopping for small caps right now...I dont know which ones are going to make it on the other side. I still believe that we have a final shakeout to come; we don't know how bad contagion could be from this whole debacle.

The 2018 bear market had one final shakeout from 6k-->3k. I don't know if we're going to see this move from 20k-->10k or something; it would make sense. I'm of the opinion price would have broken below 17k eventually but I didn't think it would happen like this.

Either way, unless you are very risk tolerant and want to get in the streets (there IS a shitload of to be made if you're a pro), I would personally recommend most

stay out. Liquidity is thin; it's not going to take much to move the market strongly in either direction

Stay fluid , be safe with your ideas, don't do anything rash. I'm still very sorry for everyone hurt by the FTX event; it's extremely shocking for all in the industry. I hope that you continue to stay in the industry; history has shown that long participants are rewarded...

If you can stay in the industry, working to build skills and connections, you will come out of this much better than before. I truly believe it's possible in that regard. Don't give up!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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