Mammon🤙 2 minutes reading from Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Holds The Line

BTC nicely reached the 16k target and is currently right at the June low. If it can reclaim that area it doesn't look that bad imo. Most important area will be get back above 18.8k👇

On the lower timeframe i want to see a flip of that level or a bullish reaction around 16.8k. Lose that and the downtrend continues. Finally time to watch the charts so will update when i take action. BTC btc

First try, really risky but looking for a rejection here. Will move sl fast to b/e and will wait till i see a bullish reaction to close it, otherwise i just let it run.

Risk free, now we wait for either a

bullish reaction somewhere or we just ride the wave down with it

50% out rest b/e🤝

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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