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$btc: Profit Actually Happening When Mine Calls The Target

btc for 2R lets see

btc okay good 👀✅💯💵

btc i m not liking this pa should move quickly up to the target i have not tped yet also

moved my SL to just above BE keeping my eyes on this slow moving fuker

btc c'mon dude go up and hit my target

It's just 2R

btc yep... SL moved to profit now keep printing these green bold dildoes bitcoin

btc cmonnn you fkin pussy

btc sfped a few times and i m not a fan of that... but my sl is in profit so i m okay...

i wont loose even if i get stopped out

btc damn... it wicked and i m not stopped out of the trade yet... i guess my sl order didnt get filled haha well lets hope we pump up from here even tho we have a small mss but i think we can still hit that target of mine

btc okay im out of the trade on this one... i was sooo close to the target..

i was drinking water and watching the price come really close to my Target of 2R but as soon as i kept my bottle the price went down and i was like fukk only 0.52R lol but profit is profit haha

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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