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'60% out of the Market': CT Penny Tracker (ICH)

Where are we CT? BTC ETH

🧵 1/5

I'll help out, we are at "Capitulation" - "I'm getting 100% out of the markets. I can't afford to lose more".

Next we go to "Anger" - "Who shorted the market? Why did the gov allow this to happen?"


TLDR - we will go lower, not doubt in my mind.

The worst PA wise should be over, although sentiment wise it will get more intense and frustrating.

Try to have a cool head and ask yourself what you feel, don't shake your emotions off - they are your weapons! 3/5

Peeps still bidding too👇 4/5

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Some folks have already written off certain L1s in their head due to "fundamentals" and negative media coverage. We're not done yet, but there will be a great opportunity with those R/R wise. Keep an open mind & let your emotions flow and your brain guide you towards profit. 5/5

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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