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Breaking: El Salvador Didn’t Hold BTC on @FTX Exchange!

😥 Keep calm! El Salvador didn't hold its BTC on @FTX_Official

Billionaire Michael Novogratz decided to stir up some hype live on CNBC by stating that El Salvador supposedly stored BTC on the now bankrupt FTX exchange.

BREAKING Crypto ElSalvador Binance

As a reminder, El Salvador is the first country where Bitcoin is recognized as an official currency alongside the US dollar.

While the shocked Bitcoin community sent DMs to the President of El Salvador, @cz_binance settled the matter with a single call to his friend and refuted the delusion.

Michael had to regroup and blame it all on his speechwriters who did not fact-check the information.

He also said that he wouldn't do such a thing again.

👁 In the last 3 days, FUD and the willingness to absorb any "hot news" reigns in the infospace: the crypto world hit FTX hard.

Don’t be fooled by Novogratz's provocations, but rather wait for our next report on the situation around

@[email protected] from our super agent in the morning!

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