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Bear Market Update – Survive This Phase, for the Bull Market

Crypto Market Update Greetings from Honourable...

Survive this Phase, for the Bull Market 📍


I called this leg down to take out the 17600 D-SW Low, 365 days after PBM peak, about 2-3 months ago [ i said it openly, the evidence and records are there]...

8th November 2022 marks 365 days of the PBM peak, and you know what happened on that day, right, BTC went below 17600, yeah you can say "How Perfect"...

On that TA i said there will be a Tap into 16k region as normal when a D-SW Low is taken out, there's a wick to the next region, but we didn't only see 16k region, we saw 15k region [kodus to @mccall he mentioned tapping 15k region, the evidence are there]

Now, i say the Bear Market is coming to end, the Bull Market is getting set!

We should see Consolidation then a retest, then we Moon 🚀 It's Possible not to get a retest after Consolidation, but wait for the Consolidation, before you stack up the last round to Moon...

Confirmation 1. The expected retest Should give a Higher Low [HL] 2. Consolidation, Probably a Longer one. 3. We can have another leg down, but if Lower Low, then wait for the Consolidation that gives a Higher Low retest... NOTE

Only Take entry after Consolidation, play it safe

This can take a day, 3 days, a week and even Weeks! Don't Chase the Bottom, else you get Rekt!

I'll remind Y'all of this, same way i reminded you on 8th of November '22, that i called it 2-3 months ago, on Telegram...

For those at "Traders Empire", we'll ride it together daily.

Stay tuned for subsequent update on this, here...

Much Love from Honourable ♥️

Cheers 🍷

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