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BTC Percent Supply Now ~48% in Profit Now

πŸ””On-chain Update Market BTC

Heatmap Accumulation Score by Cohort

all Whale hold BTC is buying now

Whales >10k light buying

Accumulation Trend Score with 1.0 Max

BTC all exchanges is ATL ~2.3M

Stablecoin all exchanges now ATH ~ 41.6B.

SSR Stablecoin Supply Ratio now is turn back up little bit after big crash.

BTC Percent Supply in Profit now ~48.55% in Under Value. It's still can going compare with another bear cycle 2018-2019 or 2014-2015.

BTC Net Realized Profit/Loss last day 800M

and 09.11.2022 Realized Loss 2B.

All the Market in a state of loss right now.

LTH and STH the same state....

Bitcoin: Spent Volume Age Bands (SVAB) 3m-6m, 6m-12m and 1y-2y is going to stop loss

Bitcoin: Realized Price - UTXO Age Bands 3m-6m: 23k 6m-12m: 44.7k 18m-2y: 43k

Market Price 17.6k

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