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Failing To Worry Me About My Debt, I Love Bitcoin

only debts and problems πŸ˜ͺ if you want you can help me πŸ˜“ Broken cell phone, the house is a disaster... I have lost the little I had in crypto 😭 BTC


I work as a worker and earn little, with the debts I have, I barely have enough to eat πŸ˜•

any person in my situation would not be in this world, I prefer to ask for help although I do it repeatedly they do not give it to me, but I prefer to insist before making any dramatic decision

What exasperates me the most is that I know there are hundreds of people doing the same thing, and 99.9% of those people don't need to, they just do it to annoy. If I didn't have the need, I wouldn't do it.



Nothing special, I just don't know too many people to mention. even if it is one day to win one of their raffles I always participate

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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