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Boson Protocol: A Decentralized actuator oracle?

What is Boson Protocol? BOSON

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A decentralized actuator oracle

Boson Protocol is a decentralized actuator oracle, enabling blockchains to reliably execute real-world transactions.

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A universal settlement layer for commerce

Boson Protocol is the universal settlement layer for commerce, which enables commerce transactions to execute as agreed — in a reliable, automated and efficient way.


A liquid digital marketplace for Things By tokenizing real-world assets as NFTs, Boson Protocol creates a globally searchable, liquid digital marketplace for Things.



The dCommerce ecosystem The Boson protocol is the foundation for a dCommerce ecosystem, similar to how stablecoins enabled DeFi.


The foundational Web3 primitive for commerce

Boson Protocol is solving one of the fundamental problems of Web3: how to mediate commerce transactions when selling real-world assets using smart contracts — without a centralized intermediary.


There is way more but I cant put everything in 1 Tweet just check ot by youself. ⬇️

Boson Protocol - The foundational Web3 primitive for commerce
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