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NFTs are Trash and I despise it. I Hate It.

I hold a lot of stuff. And been holding a handful of coins for years. BUT i took profits on everything constantly! And all of what I hold are just remnants of the majority that I sold.

ive nailed the bottom and the top since ive first shilled btc bitcoin in 2015

NFTs are trash and I despise it

idiots saying “nobody knows what’s going on” want you to be just as confused and unsuccessful as they are. And don’t want you to grow up and control your sensitive emotional hater selves

these idiots want you to support know nothings by making you feel like there’s nothing you can truly know about the crypto market

go ahead and follow these pro financial advisors

youre constantly getting beat and showing you know less than a guy who prides himself on

NFTs these marketplaces and projects are almost all a ring of scammers and doo doo people shuffling the handful of you real people’s hard earned cash around amongst their pseudo and sub accounts

you buying an NFT, particularly on sol eth, youre donating to charity but this charity uses your donations to make the market more inaccessible to you it’s ok! in time these groups get more amateurish and lame increasingly pathetic and obvious

doo doo naturally disintegrates

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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