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IFSB ‘Doesn’t Really Know About About’ the Market?



broke down the parabolic curve , technically this is a very strong indication that the uptrend has ended , expecting it to continue till 102 - 104 area..

This is bullish for crypto & bitcoin

If there was no FTX fud BTC would have been above 24k -25k.


DXY x Channel

The index also got rejected from the same channel it got rejected in 2002 followed by a free fall,

There was also

an upwards sloping trendline resistance in the same area making it a strong resistance zone..


In Next few weeks people will forget

about FTX

fudd and move on

like they did with LUNA

(sad but true)

Still we need to see proof of strength before rushing into any position.

Eyes are still on this weekly close - above 18.7k is bullish..


Best kind of proof of

strength will be - weekly close

way above 18.7k (without any re-test) & full send leaving

most of the people on the sideline..

Until that happens

don't try to overtrade this market!!


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