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How to Move Your EUR Exchange and Coincheck

I wanted to share a little personal experience of mine about exchanges and in detail about kucoin. I have always used kucoin regularly and have never had any problems, months ago they entered the EUR-USDT trading pair. Nothing strange so far.

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the price was more or less in line with the world trading of the dollar and euro. Out of the blue they decided to remove the EUR-USDT without saying anything.

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at this point kucoin has removed the possibility of wire transfers for internal problems (this problem has been going on for months and these are the explanations given to me).

so the question I asked was how to move my EUR that I had exchanged.

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I couldn't do anything unless I buy USDT again (and only that not BTC or ETH or whatever, and I don't understand why).

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so I could only buy USDT directly from them. Okay perfect! I thought, but the price they set was 1 EUR for 0.84 USDT. I asked him why since the change in the last few weeks was 1 to 1 more or less. the answer was that that was the price. Is it fair and serious for you? kucoin

I leave the comments to you.

I have made my considerations. I hope I have explained myself well, the sense is that you allow me to do one thing and then block me immediately afterwards and force me to use a price exchange set by you.. I have no words!

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Has anyone been in the same situation as me? I await other clarifications from Kucoin..

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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