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MVaultTRADE: MintCoin Minted To Stamp Out Feds’ Demands

If you’re thinking abt DCA btc eth matic link uni aave, This is another better option, put your money into mvlp at @MetavaultTRADE. It will help you DCA automatically, plus you will earn up to 174% APR revenue sharing from traders losses. So, what is MVLP? 👇

1/ MVLP consists of an index of the assets used on the platform for swaps and leverage trading. Users can mint MVLP by adding any index asset to the liquidity pool (LP) while MVLP is burned each time a user removes any index asset from the LP.

2/ The MVLP token is designed to supply the liquidity required for leverage trading. As such, MVLP holders are the liquidity suppliers and they make a profit when leverage traders make losing trades. On the contrary, they make a loss when leverage traders make profitable trades.

3/ Past PnL data and other stats can be viewed on

MVLP can be minted and redeemed by going on the “Buy” page from the header and clicking on the “+ LIQ.”, “- LIQ” buttons in the MVLP box.

Metavault.Trade - Statistics

4a/ Rebalancing: the fees to mint or redeem MVLP vary based on whether the action is aligned with the protocol’s needs at that time or not.

4b/ Rebalancing: for example, if the index has a large percentage of ETH and a small percentage of USDC, actions which further increase the amount of ETH the index has will have a high fee while actions which reduce the amount of ETH the index has will have a low fee.

5/ Token weights are adjusted to help hedge MVLP holders based on the open positions of traders. For example, if a lot of traders are long ETH, then ETH would have a higher token weight, if a lot of traders are short, then a higher token weight will be given to stablecoins.

TL;DR/ MVLP help you DCA bluechip crypto automatically with lowest risk. Read more abt @MetavaultTRADE here:

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