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Bitcoin Price Bumps Above $175

1/ Current thoughts on BTC

This is a bullish 4hr Order Block i'm looking at. However, this is quite a large range so let's break it down on a lower tf.

Green = Bullish OB Red = Bearish OB

2/ We've just had another move down on the SBF stepping down as FTX CEO and FTX filing for Bankruptcy but we got a bullish reaction from the OB on the lower timeframes.

3/ So for now i'd like to see this green area hold, whilst being aware that there are now lows being created that can be swept. The 1hr has finished with a long wick, so I expect it to get filled.

4/ The key to my thread last night is seeing closes within the range. The daily yesterday did not close within the range. The 3 day closes tonight, let's see if it does. The weekly is the main one i'm keeping my eye on.

A close above 17622 on the weekly is bullish IMO.

5/ Perhaps we just hang around these lows until Sunday towards the weekly close and then we finish above that level. That's what i'm looking for.

Just going to wait until then.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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