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Bitcoin Price Drops, Market Follows Suit Suit Suit

bitcoinprice plummeting, while the rest of the crypto market follows suit📉

The good news for all at @GhostTraderbsc is the BTC price doesn't affect our hedge fund trading pools!

And if you own a GTR NFT, the chart doesn't matter whatsoever🤑

GTR: no cryptocrash 4 us

Many large exchanges are collapsing, which is causing major swings in the price of the underlying assets that back tokens.

GTR NFTs balances are held off chain, so there is no risk of money being lost due to any exchanges failing.

FTX FTXCRASH Coinbase @coinbase

The GTR token is paired to BinanceSmartChain, so there has been some price depreciation.

However, Binance is secure and at no risk of failing due to over leverage.

@cz_binance had tried to save/buy some of these exchanges but pulled away after completing due diligence.


We'll probably see some price swings in the next months for our token as it is paired with Binance's BNB

Yet, GTR rewards will be unaffected as well as its value in your wallets, rewards and the off-chain pool % that you'll receive as a pay out at the end of our 4 year plan.

That is just why the GTR community has true peace of mind at @GhostTraderbsc

Knowing that the fund trades off chain in traditional financial markets, whilst returning monthly Rewards in BUSD back to its holders with a proven track record, is more than reassuring for everyone.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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