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Make Peace with Yourself, Love It, and Pump!

Many of your biggest gains/losses will come from Max Black Swan Events

OIL madness earlier BTC Crypto Madness COVID Madness 20-21 NFT Madness 2021

FTX to me is big deal (Sticky fingers in many things) I see big opportunity from this. Different than above but where my head is

The goal is to BE PATIENT... You wanna stack a bag fast sometimes you need to wait weeks, months, even year for your pitch that you can chop at. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, actually it is arguably the best skill to have

The Ability to Do Nothing = GOKU of traders



Plays right in to the tweets above

The longer you can wait, stalk, allow your pitch to get to you the more potential you have

NOISE is 1 right now and it will crush your - Spirit - Mental - Money you have

Paper cuts although small can still kill you

Hercules 👜 on Twitter

99% of traders take sub-par set-ups and myself included... Very easy to get lazy and take whatever you want


There can be no excuse as to why you took something?

- Oh it looked good - Oh I missed it, gotta chase,

- Oh yada yada yada

Those aren't DEALS

Being patient to deploy your hard earned money where you have

- Structured Deals - Favorable Probability

- Favorable Market conditions

- Edge

Now that is a deal. And more important is is Self Respect

You have no Self Respect for yourself, your money, your future if you continue to do something that doesn't work


Look in the mirror & adjust. It might be hard but your future self deserves the best.

So breathe, slow down. Do you really need to do it? Always ask 🧘

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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