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7 Weird and Wonderful Websites That Make Me Laugh

1/ Things that make me laugh: 1: btc maxis think they are outside the system when every transaction on publicly available on the chain 2: xrp attracts hate as "the bankers coin" when eth is demonstrably controlled by JP Morgan

2/ 3: xrpl attracts hate as being "centralized" when it is actually a public, open source network that was freely given to the world wide Web consortium (the same people that hold the existing internet)

3/ 4: key people at eth have made a religion out of talking about Decentralization while at the same time actively changing their protocol to a system that will become more and more centralized over time


5: usa regulators attack transparent and proactive American companies like Library

and Ripple while behind the scenes meet with people like SBF, FTX and consensys who have openly exposed agendas of monopolising the crypto industry.


6: our physicists expect us to believe that the universe goes on forever and that there are countless other universe's which sounds almost as bizarre as the btc maxis belief in satoshi

6/ 7: the "smart" people that have stunned looks on their faces after the spectacular collapse of FTX, a company that looks outwardly to have been run by drug fueled children playing with billions like they are monopoly money.

Sounds much like stories of early days of ethereum.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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