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$BTC: The Rolling 50d EMA

BTC and the Rolling 50d EMA

We broke through the ­čöÁmark, indicating that Bitcoins price moved 1 standard deviation below the 50d EMA

At the time of breaking through that ­čöÁmark BTC's traded value was at the tail end of its distribution curve.

The path of least resistance

Aside from using quant methods to apply a DCA strategy, it is important to note the risks in the macro world.

The current credit distress is unfolding, and the baton is passed down to the most illiquid markets. This however..

does not change my conviction in BTC

It is just important to see that we are in a different secular environment, the heuristics individuals built

become disconnected

A huge level of excess demand needs to be choked off and that distorts this immediate stimulus response

Which has historically juiced the stock market, bonds, commodities etc. An environment we have been conditioned to as a response mechanism for the last 40 years

Just important to keep your heads up and understand the current secular novelties we are currently experiencing

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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