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BREAKING: @SBEC is Dirty, It’s Not Over with FTX, Its Not Over


was snake in the grass... the one who wanted to fck up DeFi the whole time so he can run his shitty wash trading platform, the one who was doing shady things with Alameda Research and the one making stupid decision on cost of other people BTC ETH Crypto FTX

Stupido(SBF) was talking about non reported transactions between financial counterparties in congress and how that caused 2008 financial crisis with banks and housing market and I wonder what happend to FTX😅

Also some people might compare this with @CelsiusNetwork or some other collapses but this is not the same. With Celsius and similar platforms you agree that they can use your funds for "investing" which is basiclly higher APY staking so you know its a bit more risky

FTX policy was that they will NOT use customers fund's in any type of way so @SBF_FTX basically have stolen his customers money. He lied in congress, he spread lie's on socials, thief, working behind people back in crypto industry to fck them up...What a dirty little cockroach🪳

Also few people was calling out FTX a year ago or so for wash trading and doing shady things but noone cared back then bcz that fcker was filling everyone with money, from politicians, influencers, macro investors, gaming teams, companys etc😑

Now they seeking 10 billion external funding to fill up the gap+ today they also got hacked for big amount😅

If you expect this is over with FTX, its not. Huge sell off will need to happend but there is atleast 1 positive side there.

FTX biggest holdings is FTT token and Alameda biggest holdings are stable coins😅but that doesnt mean they don't have huge bags of alts to sell

Anyway to wrap this up, conclusion is that @SBF_FTX is filthy cockroach together with that 13 years old Alameda CEO

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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