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Breaking News: Bitcoin Trading Volume per Day

Haven't done much posting of trades and ideas recently. Here is what I am currently working with for BTC when I trade it. The higher time horizon is unclear with the drama. Day by day is the best way.

Only taken 1 stop loss in the last 10 days with this system. I have backtested up to the June lows with over 80% hit rate. The basic premise is using the first 6 hours of the new day to create the range. 00:00-6am UTC. Compounding small moves daily is the best way to play.

I will try to post these daily for transparency. It's still a work in progress but I will work on publishing my full backtesting screenshots for more clarity to this systems effectiveness

Getting to be tedious work, going to take a break. About 53 completed i've shared with 39 outright winners(blue). 8 outright losses (red) and 6 occasions of being stopped where flipping direction would result in breakeven.

@JayV426 But anything that doesn't win outright should be counted as a loss really. The general idea for me is to be able to make only 1 trade per day

Will draw them up to 100 days at some point today and publish the findings

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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